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Institute for Leadership in Tehnology and Management

The Institute for Leadership in Technology and Management (ILTM), first offered at Bucknell University in 1993, is an intensive, six-week, student-centric summer program that focuses on accelerating undergraduates on their path toward becoming leaders of technology-oriented organizations. Entry into the program is competitive and limited to 24 highly motivated rising juniors from management, engineering and the liberal arts. Students do not receive academic credit, course grades or significant payment. The learning environment is composed of two interrelated parts. First, during each six-hour day students experience at least two classroom sessions. These sessions, led by faculty or external executives, are intimate, interactive, experientially-based and span from the theoretical to the practical. Each session aims to expose students to the complex, multi-faceted problems facing technology-based organizations in the 21st century. Second, interdisciplinary teams of students work on a client-sponsored consulting project that provides them opportunities to apply lessons learned from faculty and executives in the classroom. All projects lie at the intersection between technology and management  and are critical unsolved problems at the client’s organization. Interactions include a site visit, regular phone and email exchanges, and in-person meetings. At the conclusion of the six weeks, teams deliver a comprehensive consulting report and an in-person presentation to their client.

Program Vision

The Institute for Leadership in Technology and Management (ILTM) is an experiential education program at Bucknell University, aimed at engaging students and alumni in a lifetime of growth toward becoming enlightened leaders. An enlightened leader is a doer who motivates others to act together to create a meaningful impact that extends beyond the group. An enlightened leader must therefore possess the:


  • Drive, Grit and Resourcefulness to get things done

  • Compassion, Integrity, and Self-Awareness to do things the right way

  • Wisdom, Daring, and Vision to work on what really matters

  • Grace, Maturity, and Tact to build and sustain diverse and interdisciplinary groups. 

  • Historical, cultural and geographical perspectives to make sound decisions in uncertain, dynamic and interdependent environments for multiple stakeholders.


The ILTM program enhances these qualities through first-hand experience with a range of:


  • Management frameworks and styles;

  • Drivers of technological and social change;

  • Academic concepts that broadly inform technology and management;

  • Leadership philosophies and practices for complex, real-world situations;

  • Experiences that instill the powers of observing, thinking, doing and reflecting.

Through ILTM young leaders learn to extract lessons from any situation, fueling their continued development long after the program ends.


Interdisciplinary teams of students engage in real-world projects sponsored by corporate clients. Projects focus on the intersection between technology and management and involve active participation by corporate liaisons. Company representatives attend the final project presentations to receive the students' final report.


An ILTM project team tackles a project of the sponsoring company’s choosing. Typically, projects help find solutions to a real problem or make progress on a real initiative within the organization. Project teams are multidisciplinary, typically including two to three engineering students, two to three management students and one liberal arts student. The team is guided by one of the ILTM core faculty members but works mostly autonomously. Each student typically works upward of 100 hours on the project over the course of the six weeks.

Sessions and Site Visits

Site Visits

All ILTM students and core faculty spend one day at each project client's office or operational facility to gain insights into the client's industry, specific products and services, supply chain, manufacturing or other operations, and post-sale service. Students hear presentations by three to six senior managers and tour of the organization's production facilities.


Classroom Sessions

Distinguished executives come to campus to share their perspectives on leadership, insights into technology and management, their company history and current trends. Many speakers also discuss their pathway to their current position, mistakes they have made, work-life balance and advice they have for those starting their career. 

Bucknell core and adjunct faculty deliver interactive workshops on academic concepts, methodologies and frameworks that connect to core learning goals of ILTM. 

In addition some companies offer one-day consulting projects, during which they present a live case-study — a current problem they are facing — and challenge the students to practice formulating and pitching strategic directions.

Past Clients

The following companies have sponsored projects and site visits:

  • Acme Packet (Oracle) 

  • AgencyRx

  • AmerisourceBergen Corporation

  • Armstrong World Industries

  • Blaschak Coal

  • Bradford Coal

  • Brodart Contract Furniture Division

  • Carlisle Tire and Rubber Company

  • Carpenter Technology

  • Cline Davis and Mann

  • Collective-i 

  • Comcast

  • Computer Aid, Inc.

  • Corning Incorporated

  • Ford Motor Company

  • Forest Homes

  • Foster - Wheeler

  • Fresh Fields Markets, Inc

  • GE Corporate Lending

  • GE Industrial Systems 

  • GE Infrastructure

  • GE Transportation Systems

  • Geisinger Health Center

  • Geisinger Medical Center GELcore

  • Hershey Foods

  • IBM Microelectronics Division

  • InterActive Corporation

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • JP Morgan

  • JPM Company

  • Oliver Sprinkler Co.

  • Ollie's Bargain Outlet

  • Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

  • Masterfoods, Inc.

  • Medco Health Solutions

  • MyNetwork

  • Nobel Learning Communities, Inc.

  • Penn State Geisinger Health Systems

  • Pennsylvania Power and Light Company 

  • Playworld Systems

  • Proctor and Gamble

  • Walker Coal Company

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