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Introuction to Biomedical Engineering

BMEG 210 is the gateway course to the biomedical engineering major. Four grounding modules are offered in Biomechanics, Bioinstrumentation, Biofluids and Mass and BioDesign. Sprinkled throughout the course are a number of activities to align students expectations, build professional skills we expect them to practice in later courses, expose them to variety of communication skills (ranging from formal to informal to improvisation, and from graphical to verbal to written), and engage in get-to-know the faculty activities. The course is offered in a unique integrated lecture lab format that has spread to a number of other courses in the Biomedical Engineering curriculum. An early version of the course explored is a method of introducing and strengthening foundational concepts - first introduce the concept qualitatively to provide context, second to provide assignments that allow students to wrestle with the technical aspects of the concept, and lastly to challenge students to apply the concept in an open-ended project.

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